Make Your Countertops Look Like New

Arrange for countertop refinishing services in Laurel & Billings, MT

Your countertops stand up to a lot of wear and tear. But over the years, they'll accumulate chips and cracks. FusterCluck Creations can revitalize your counters with our countertop refinishing services, available in Laurel & Billings, MT.

Not only will your counters look better, but you'll also extend their life span. Get a free estimate for our countertop refinishing services right away.

Get like-new countertops without the hassle

Get like-new countertops without the hassle

If you don't want to tear out your old counters, consider countertop refinishing instead. Our team will make small repairs and coat your countertops to give them a new appearance. What is the countertop refinishing process like? Our simple three-day procedure includes:

  • Taping around your counters and putting plastic down for protection
  • Pouring a special epoxy coating onto your countertops
  • Cleaning the area, removing the protective plastic and sweeping the floors

If that's not an ideal solution for old, ugly counters, what is? Countertop refinishing can restore your kitchen or bathroom in no time.